Engineering Experts

Since 1995, Engineering Experts, Inc. has provided consulting services to the insurance and legal communities, specializing in both Accident Reconstruction and Mechanical Engineering. Applying the principles of Engineering and Physics, we are typically asked to determine the sequence of events and contributing factors for a wide variety of incidents. With access to a vast library of technical resources, we rely on peer-reviewed science to back up our opinions.

Our consulting engineers collectively have broad backgrounds in Mechanical Engineering; mechanical design and analysis; vehicle dynamics; and accident reconstruction. We also have extensive experience in application of mechanical engineering principals to a variety of situations.

Accident Reconstruction Services

  • Document accident scenes to preserve evidence (skid marks, gouges, vehicle positions)
  • Document vehicle damage and condition
  • Use photogrammetry to locate positions of skid marks and evidence, determine damage to vehicles
  • Download and analyze Crash Data/black box data
  • Inspect tires, brakes, safety equipment, etc.
  • Analyze vehicle movements, sequence of events, speeds and timing
  • Create 3-dimensional models of the accident scene and positions of vehicles
  • Create diagrams, exhibits and animations for courtroom presentation
  • Report results of inspections and analysis
  • Provide expert witness testimony at deposition and trial

We have extensive experience in matters involving automobiles, multi-wheel trucks, articulated vehicles (tractor-trailers, motorcycles, trains), etc.

Mechanical Engineering Services

  • Document products and accident scenes to preserve evidence
  • Inspect machinery and equipment
  • Analyze equipment to determine mode and cause of failure
  • Research regulations and standards regarding processes and equipment
  • Evaluate guarding and methods for avoiding accidents through design or procedure changes
  • Report results of inspections and analysis
  • Provide expert witness testimony at deposition and trial

In addition, we provide services related to machine design, stress analysis, dynamics and mechanical engineering practice.

We are happy to discuss your case with you to determine if we can help. We also help locate experts in other disciplines and manage expert teams for litigation.