While the majority of our efforts are involved with our analysis of accidents and defects, we can also be helpful in other areas. If you are not well versed in a particular mechanical discipline, we can improve your level of understanding so you are more effective presenting your arguments. We are often asked to evaluate the information provided by opposing experts to determine the validity of their analysis, appropriateness of their tests, and critique their interpretation of physical evidence. We also provide questions for use in depositions and trial testimony or even provide analysis to refute unsupported opinions offered by opposing experts.

Because our work has involved a wide variety of circumstances, we may already know of other experts that could provide expertise in areas beyond what we can provide. In a number of instances, we have been asked to find experts in very specialized fields (such as container handing, fall safety, commercial air conditioning, carbon monoxide, woodworking machinery, etc.) who were hired by our clients to support their case.

We encourage our clients to call us about a new case, even if they are unsure if we have the right expertise. We help them decide if a case has merit; suggest alternate approaches to a case (based on our experience in other cases); and provide the names of other experts who might be more appropriate.