What is your area of operation?

Most of our cases are in South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina, but we frequently handle cases outside the local area.


Why do I need an accident reconstructionist?

As accident reconstructionists we have been involved in a large variety of accident situations. We can discuss the circumstances in other similar accidents to help you decide how to approach your case. As mechanical engineers, we have knowledge of a large number of technical disciplines. Therefore, we can evaluate a wide variety of information to both formulate and support our opinions about how an accident happened and how it might have been prevented.


Do you require a retainer?

We do not ask for a retainer from our clients.


Is there really a ‘black box’ in vehicles and what information does it store?

Automobiles and light trucks with airbags have a computer (Airbag Control Module) used to collect data and decide whether to deploy the airbag in a crash. Some manufacturers make this information available for download for specific models and dates of manufacture through a Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) system sold by Bosch. If we have permission from the vehicle owner, we can download the data and interpret it for you. Some manufacturers also store data in the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and we can download the data if it is accessible. Other acronyms for vehicle data recorders include Engine Control Module (ECM) and Event Data Recorder (EDR). The information that is stored is dependent on the make, model and year of manufacture but often includes seat belt status, brake switch status, vehicle speed, airbag deployment status, and engine rpm. Visit our Black Box page.


If an accident took place several years ago, can a reconstruction still be done?

We have reconstructed accidents more than 8 years after the accident by making use of photographs and other persistent data. While much of the scene data disappears in a short time due to weather and traffic, we are able to make use of photographs taken soon after the time of the accident to re-create the position of tire marks, gouges, vehicles and debris by use of Photogrammetry. If the vehicle is still available, we can examine it even years after an accident. If there are sufficient photographs of the damaged and undamaged portions of the vehicle, we can sometimes use Photogrammetry to create detailed models of the vehicles even after they have been destroyed.


What information do I need before I contact you?

We will not charge you for the initial consultation. We are happy to speak to you about your case no matter what information you have. Using the date of the accident and the names of the parties involved, we can check our database to assure we are not already involved in a case. By calling us early, we can help you determine what evidence might need to be preserved. Based on our experience with similar cases, we can help you determine whether there are other aspects of the case you might not have considered.